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Sandesh Unified Messaging Server


The Sandesh Unified Messaging Server provides a reliable, scalable, and affordable In-house Messaging solution to deliver secure messaging at a low costs. Scaling from thousands to millions of users, it is suitable for enterprises, service providers, educational institutions, and government agencies. It prevents from spam and viruses and ensures the integrity of messaging through authentication, authorization  encryption, and content filtering.

In-house Messaging server offers you complete control of server and all mails send to local domain delivered locally so no internet line is required which makes the service availability 100%. In-house Messaging server saves your money by saving your bandwidth.


Reliable Email Services for Businesses

Secured Access
Secured SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP and LDAP Access.
AJAX Web Client to Access E-mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.
Auto Responder
Automatically reply when out of office or on vacation.
Virtual Mailbox
Virtual Mailbox displays flagged, unseen, unread mails according to their configuration.
E-mail Forwarding
Users can configure their account to forward all incoming or selected mails to local and remote accounts.
Service Restriction
Restrict users to use only allowed services like allowed IMAP but no POP3 access.
Clustering/High Availability
Clustering and HA provide uninterrupted access to data.
Provides the air sync for contacts and calendar application.
Instant Messaging
Automatically reply when out of office or on vacation.
Advanced Admin Panel
Manage Account, Lists, Aliases along with Real Time Reporting, Quota reporting.
In-built Anti-Virus
98% positive spam filter with quarantine release feature and commercial antivirus scanning.
Public/Shared IMAP Folder
Users can share their Personal mailboxes with others restricted or full access.
E-mail Alias
An alias is another email address associated with your account so that email to that address ends up in your accounts mailbox.
E-mail Filter
Filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically move, delete, flag, store, or forward incoming mails.
Domain Admin can configure disclaimer messages, which will be automatically attached to all outgoing mails.

Business Email Support Features

Core Features

1. Enterprise Class Architecture, Reliable and Scalable to Hundreds of Thousands of mailboxes
2. Unified platform simplifies administration effort and reduce total cost of ownership
3. Multiple Domain / Domain Aliasing / Catch-all account support
4. AJAX Webmail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & Briefcase App
5. In-built CardDAV and CalDAV Server with Sharing Feature
6. Personal / Shared / Global IMAP folder Support
7. In-built Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
8. Sender and Recipient Throttling
9. High Availability / Clustering Support
10. Backup MX Support / Per Domain Disclaimer facility
11. Instant Messaging with Web chat
12. Push E-mail / FTP Server / In-built DNS / SMS Integration
13. Professional Services for customization and migration
14. 24/7/365 E-mail, Phone and Onsite Visit Support


1. DKIM, SPF and DMARC for email authentication and sending reputation
2. In-built Firewall
3. E-mail Spoofing
4. Password Policy
5. Access Control
6. Hardened Operating System
7. Authentication and Authorization
8. Services based Access
9. Geo Location based Webmail access

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

1. In-built Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus
2. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Validation support.
3. DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) signing and verification support
4. Whitelist / Blacklist support
5. SPAM / HAM reporting
6. HELO Randomization Prevention (HRP) support.
7. Greylisting support
8. Outbound Spam Control
9. Sender & Recipient Throttling

Admin Panel

1. Domain / User wise reporting for all sent and received mails
2. Domain-wise admin panel
3. Easy Account Management with Bulk upload facility
4. Manual and Scheduled Backup & Restoration
5. Release or Delete Quarantine mails via admin panel
6. Domain / User wise blacklist / whitelist support
7. Multiple edit in a single click

Web Client

1. AJAX webmail with Global LDAP Address Book,Vacation, Filter and Mail Forwarding
2. Full Support for MIME and HTML messages
3. Find as you type contacts / Automatic Address Book
4. Keyboard Shortcut / Login Activity Report
5. Address book import / export with group facility
6. Blacklist / Whitelist and Spam/HAM Reporting
7. Allow users to view and release quarantine mails
8. Mobile Webmail / Quota usage reporting
9. County wise restriction for webmail access

Instant Messaging

1. Inbuilt Secure Chat Server with file transfer facility
2. Instant messaging with web chat
3. Group Discussion / Broadcast Facility
4. File Transfer / Presence Indication

Clustering / High Availability

1. High availability setup
2. Load balanced setup

DNS Server

1. Authoritative Server
2. Recursive Server (caching-only name server )
3. Split horizon
4. Slave Server


1. Inbuilt Secure FTP Server
2. Service based restriction
3. Web based FTP for roaming users
4. Quota Support for FTP


1. Domain Wise Reporting
2. Per User Reporting
3. Sent/Received mails Reporting
4. Spam/Virus Reporting
5. Quarantine Reporting
6. Graph Wise Reporting
7. Quota usage reporting
8. Disk Usage Reporting