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Virtualization Management

Virtualization of computing environment allows enterprises to simplify their IT infrastructure and strategically align it to their long term business goals.

We offer virtualization to strategically align IT infrastructures for the long term business goals of enterprises.

Features include:

Affordable virtualization
Red Hat Virtualization has a lower total cost of ownership year over year when compared to other virtualization solutions.
Leading performance
Apps running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat Virtualization tend to run faster than on other industry hypervisors.
Integrate with anything
It’s open source, so it can be designed to work with anything—but we also test and certify Red Hat Virtualization on a range of servers and hardware.
Easy to set up
Intuitive tools help you start using Red Hat Virtualization quickly, and even help you automate migration from another vendor.
Easy to use
Everything you need to create, start, stop, pause, migrate, and template single VMs in minutes or mass deployments in hours.
Easy to manage
A single management component lets you provision new VMs, clone existing ones, and and manage thousands of physical and virtual servers.