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Patch Management Services

Silvereye IT Solutions has a trusted partnership with industry leaders and offers a combination of trained consultants, technology and best security practices to provide high quality patch management services to its clients.

Our services validate processes for managing software assets lifecycle like operating systems, applications, patches for both clients and servers. We help enterprise in scanning all endpoints for missing Microsoft and third-party reports and then rank the vulnerabilities in their order of importance using vendor ratings, universal score and zero-day attack alerts.

Features and benefits

Our expert solutions include:

Simplify infrastructure management

Red Hat Satellite can manage your entire infrastructure—not just Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems—from a single console.

Implement your standard operating environment

Improve system consistency, reduce errors, and meet compliance standards.

Scale your environment

Meet the demand for managing thousands of distributed systems across multiple datacenters.

Content management

Content repository any type of content made available to any host

Curation of content prior to distribution

Distribution of content as close as possible to the end point

Patch management

Report on hosts that need updates, fixes, or enhancements

Group homogeneous systems so that you can easily work with them

Respond quickly to patching requirements using scalable automation

Provisioning management

Provision to bare metal, virtual, private, and public clouds

Discover non-provisioned hosts

Automate using Ansible roles to perform post-provisioning steps

Subscription management

Centrally manage subscription usage

Maintain accurate inventory and utilization information

Report on subscription consumption