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Communication and Collaboration Services

Silvereye IT Solutions offers the most advanced communication and collaboration services to its clients which helps them achieve their business goals. We help enterprises to effectively empower employees to collaborate and communicate in ways to achieve integrated, market-leading business outputs.

Our Aim is to help organizations & businesses in moving forward with our IT led Collaborative Audio & Video solutions in all work spaces. Our AV Solutions enable teams to maximize Business Performance. From High-End Boardroom, Meeting Room, Wireless BYOD Collaboration, Conference rooms, Huddle rooms to Digital Learning Centers, Auditoriums and NOC Rooms.

We expertise in the following domains:

Voice and Video

We help our clients in establishing a personalized interaction among employees within their enterprise building a collaborative culture where innovation flourishes.

Social and Team Collaboration

Our trusted solutions empower enterprises to integrate employees and technology, streamline business processes and increase their overall operational efficiency.

Business Messaging

We architect and implement solutions to provide enterprises with a unified business messaging platform ensuring better collaboration, enhanced employee productivity .

Virtual Meetings and Conferencing

Our industry experts enable enterprises to achieve optimized collaboration by helping them choose, deploy and manage state-of-the-art technologies and processes.