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Business Continuity Services

Silvereye IT Solutions with its team of certified consultants help its clients develop an enterprise-wide approach to ensure business continuity. With a rich experience in deploying business continuity solutions, our experts have a strategic, effective, and risk-based approach for mitigating disruption risks and maintaining business continuity.

Our trained business continuity specialists enable enterprises to have a better control over their business and maintain the security, reliability, and availability of business critical technologies – while reducing systems related risks.

Our services include:

Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Management
Disaster Recovery Planning
Test Facilitation and Training
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Updates
Annual Plan Updates
Plan Repository Management
New Plan Development
Business Impact Analysis Update
Training and Awareness Programs
Scenario-Based Exercise (Testing) and Facilitation
Stand-by assistance to answer BCP related inquiries
Status presentations to the BCP steering committee

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