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shopping-cart-icons copy“There’s no need to re-create everything from scratch … Look at some of the early adopters, see what they’ve done and see if it makes sense for your organization. And then think about what you need to do to customize it.”

The growth of content management framework tools has gradually reduced running costs of creating and maintaining a web portal. Content Management System has many advantages over maintaining a static website. For instance, to keep your website alive, you need to constantly update and design them in accordance with technology and evolutionary trends. CMS has been a boom to small and medium business entities, catering to their requirements at every stage. New York has the highest amount of business enterprises in the world, and to meet the requirements of clients and cost effective functioning, firms need the services of an effective Content Management System. Asahi Technologies, a New York based leading firm, provides affordable CMS solutions for small and mid level business firms. Advantages of CMS over conventional static websites

  • Not much skill level or technical knowledge is required to update and diversify the website.
  • Easier for users to create, edit and publish content on the website.
  • The time required to publish is significantly lower
  • Content Management Systems tend to provide better security to the website
  • Statistics related to website, from visitors to clients gathered with ease
  • Issues where Content Management Systems play a vital part

Content Rich Web sites

A content rich website requires an effective Content Management System for managing, maintaining and organizing published content efficiently. Since most of the CMS applications are open source and free, you save on the financial part of your business too.

Ecommerce Solutions

With new technology emerging every day, fresh and tougher challenges are being faced by business firms and enterprises. To overcome these hurdles, businesses choose effective e-commerce tools. These E-commerce tools enable you to run business in accordance with the emerging trends smoothly.

Blogging, News Portal

Many people love to express themselves via social media, with blogs representing an online version of a diary. Though there are plenty of tools available on the internet for free, WordPress is one application users prefer all over the world. Apart from being an effective blogging platform, it is a reliable Content Management System.


Drupal is a free open source content management framework that provides add-on modules to enhance interactive web experience. What differentiates Drupal from other CMS is the precise Workflow tools and Multi level menu system, which are requirements for any enterprise solutions.


WordPress is an open source blogging tool and an effective Content Management System preferred and used on more than 14 million websites, WordPress is bases on MySQL and PHP. It also provides user friendly features, including a plug-in architecture and a template system, making it the most popular CMS on the internet.


Joomla is considered the most stable and powerful framework for an effective content management system. Apart from being free open source tool, Joomla is designed to create blogs, interactive portals, multi-language websites, online communities and e-commerce applications quickly.


Another free open source platform, exclusively developed for e-commerce portals, Magento is the most widely used tool for all e-commerce solutions. With innumerable options and features provide smooth expansion and growth to your site. It is also one of the few tools that provide integration with Google website optimizer.

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